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On the 15th October trustees of the BCA and representatives of groups which use the community centre held a meeting with Susan Brown ( Leader of Oxford City Council ) and senior officers of the Council. The outcome of the meeting was very positive.

*There was a public apology from the Council concerning how the planning of the proposed renovation of the community centre had been handled.

*It was confirmed that the existing building would now be demolished and replaced by a new community centre.

*The extra funding needed for the re – build will be included in the Councils budget for 2019/20. The total cost will be around one million.

*The Council have agreed to compensate the BCA for the loss of income incurred because of the suspension of the renovation.

*It has been agreed that BCA trustees will be involved in the design process for the new community centre.

We’ve done it !Thanks to everyone who supported the campaign.

Richard Bryant

Up Date on Bullingdon

At a well attended meeting on the 10th July the Community Association agreed to re – open the main hall, both for long term and one off lets. It is apparent that the planned renovation of the Community Centre, if it happens, is now unlikely to start until the spring of 2019.

At the meeting it was affirmed that the position of the BCA and the groups which use the centre is that the renovation of the centre should be on the existing site, according to the design plans developed by the architects, Jessop and Cook, following consultation with the trustees of the BCA and user groups.

It was also agreed that the campaign to ensure that the centre is renovated should continue and be stepped up. Action will include;

*More letter writing and emails to Officers, Councillors and the local press.

*A freedom of information request concerning the reports on the ground surveys carried out on the old quarry, the engineer’s report which resulted in the renovation being suspended and the costs and fees which have been incurred to date on the planning of the renovation.

*A formal complaint to the City Council about the lack of communication over the suspension of the renovation, which resulted in the unnecessary relocation of groups and the closing of the hall.

*Advice will be taken on whether the BCA should apply to register the Community Centre and the Peat Moors recreation ground as a “community asset”.

*The BCA will ask the City Council for compensation for the loss of income incurred because of the delay in the renovation.

The next meeting is on Tuesday the 7th  August  at 7.30 pm at Bullingdon.

Richard Bryant

Email; Tele; Oxford 769263


The decision of the City Council to delay the renovation of the community centre and to review future options for the centre represents a major crisis for us. The decision was made after we had, on the advice of the Council, cleared the hall and the majority of the groups who use the centre had relocated to different venues.

The position of the trustees of the centre is clear – the City Council should start the renovation immediately and find the extra funding which is needed to proceed with the project.

We are challenging the decision and call on groups and local residents to support our lobby of the City Council. If you are emailing or writing letters please bear the following points in mind.

*Bullingdon is now the only community centre serving Wood Farm, Lye Valley and Cowley.

*£500,000 has already been earmarked for the renovation. The Council estimate that further £2 -300,000 might be required. This sounds a lot of money but it is relatively small compared with the actual or planned expenditure, over recent years, on community centres in Rose Hill, East Oxford and Barton.

*The decision to close the centre came after the City Council had told us to close the centre, with a view to building work beginning in mid – June. Why were we not warned in advance of the delay?

*The fact that the community centre is built on an old quarry is not news.  It has been known about by local residents and the Council for years. In the past the presence of the quarry has not proved an obstacle to building on the site.  In the mid –1980’s  an extension to the community centre was built and the nearby all weather sports area was built. Our contacts in the building trade suggest that other factors, such as replacing all the services and the requirements of fire regulations, are likely to be more significant in accounting for the increase in the cost of the renovation.

* Re – locating the centre to a quarry free site elsewhere in Lye Valley and Wood Farm is a red herring. Over recent decades most if not all of the potential sites have been used for halls of residence for Brookes students and new housing developments.

If you want to write or email your views send them to:

Ian Brooke  Head of Community Services

Also send copies to the following:

Tim Sadler  Executive Director, Sustainable City

Councillor Marie Tidball  Exceutive Board Member for Supporting Communities

Councillor Susan Brown  Leader of the Council and Councillor for the Churchill ward

Councillor Pat Kennedy  Councillor for Lye Valley ;

Letters should go to the above at Oxford City Council, Town Hall, St. Aldates,  Oxford OX1 1BX. 

The next meeting of the Community Association is on Tuesday  10th July at 7.30pm at  Bullingdon Community Centre. Please come along.

Richard Bryant  Secretary 26/6/18



The community centre closed at the end of May and we are waiting for a date when the renovation of the main hall and some other parts of the building will start. The centre is no longer available for hire.

Although the centre is closed groups and activities are still running from other venues.

*The 7o’clock Club ( MENCAP ) is meeting at the Barton Community Centre. Contact Dave Feeley –

*The Studio Theatre Group is meeting at a venue in Abingdon. Contact Stephen Briggs –

*The Parent and Toddler group is meeting at the Slade Nursery, Wood Farm. Contact Barbara Bryant –

*ORK Martial Arts is meeting at the Quarry Village Hall. Contact Otis Williams –

*Singing for Fun is meeting at St Francis Church on Holloway. Contact Janet Stansfield –

*The Fix It group is meeting at the Scout Hall behind St. Francis Church. Contact Barbara Bryant ( see above )

*The AGE UK gadget drop in is meeting in Barton – Contact Fiona Tracey – fionatracey@ageukoxfordshire

*The SWAP SHOP is meeting, on the third Saturday of the month, at the Headington Community Centre, Gladstone Road.

*The Hogley BogStars are meeting in people’s houses and local cafes. Contact Shirley Nelder –

*The Bullingdon management committee are holding their monthly meetings, on the first Tuesday of the month, at the Wood Farm Youth Centre. Contact Richard Bryant

Until the renovation starts Orinoco and the Bullingdon Youth football teams will continue to run from the community centre.

RB; 4/6/2018


Positive progress is being made on the plans for the major renovation of the Community Centre.

On the 7th March the East Area Planning Committee approved the planning application for the renovation.

Following recent meetings between Jessop and Cook , the architects for the project, and Council officers it seems likely that work on the site could start by mid June.

As the renovation will now involve additional work on the rear part of the building the whole of the community centre will need to be closed for the duration of the renovation, which has been estimated at between 6 – 9 months. The only part of the building which might remain partially open is the back hall, which Orinoco is hoping to use for storing materials but which will not be open to members of the public.

If you want to view the plans they are on display in the foyer of the community centre.

Richard Bryant ; 4/4/2018


The City Council have appointed Dan Wadsworth from Jessop and Cook to draw up plans for the renovation of the community centre.

A draft plan was discussed at a well attended meeting of the Community Association in October. Taking account of the feedback from this meeting, written comments from groups who use the centre and comments from our consultant Andrea Placidi ( Brookes University ) Dan Wadsworth has now produced a revised plan.

The revised plan will be presented and discussed at our next meeting on the 7th of November, starting at 7.30pm. The meeting is open to residents of Lye Valley and Wood Farm.

Some details of the plan are currently on display on a notice board in the foyer of the community centre.

If you want more information contact Richard Bryant on Oxford 769263 email


The summer of 2017 proved very eventful for the Community Centre.

14th July ; Without warning the City Council closed the main hall. A wall in the hall, which had been supported by two props since September 16 , was considered to be a health and safety hazard. The decision was made despite the fact that a report by a consultant engineer had concluded that there was no risk of the wall collapsing.

17th July ; There was an emergency meeting of the trustees of the community centre, at which it was decided to challenge the closure and campaign for the hall to be re – opened. It was proposed that more props should be installed in the hall.

25th July ; A photo shoot at the community centre was attended by over 30 members of the groups which use the centre.

27th July ; The campaign featured on the front page of the “Oxford Mail” and other reports appeared in the “Oxford Times”, BBC South To – day, the “That’s Oxfordshire “ local TV channel and Radio Oxford.

31st July ; Following the media coverage and emails from groups and individuals a meeting was held with Council Officers and Councillors at the Town Hall.

6th August ; The Council agreed to install seven additional props in the hall.

8th August ; Work began on installing the additional props.

16th August ; The hall was inspected by the consultant engineer.

24th August ; The Council agreed to the re – opening of the hall.

29th August ; The hall re – opens.

We would like to thank the groups, individuals and local Councillors who supported the campaign to re – open the hall.

Richard Bryant ; Secretary , Bullingdon Community Association

Previous news

2017 brought some good news for the Bullingdon Community Association. The City Council have decided to fund a £500,000 renovation of the community centre, with the main work involving the replacement of the main hall. The hall is the original community centre, and was built in the late 1940's/early 1950s by local residents. Over the years the deteriorating condition of the hall has been a major concern for the BCA, because of leaks in the roof and cracks in one of the walls.

The community centre is used, on a regular basis, by 15 groups and around 400 people use the centre and outdoor facilities at Peat Moors every week. Since the closure of the Wood Farm Community Centre Bullingdon is the only community centre now serving the Lye Valley and Churchill wards, which have a combined population of over 15,000.

The BCA is keen to consult with user groups and the wider community about the most creative ways the funding can be used to improve the community centre. If you have ideas and want a say in the renovation contact Richard Bryant on Oxford 769263, or email Our committee meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm and the meetings are open to residents of Lye Valley and Wood Farm.

This page will be updated when we have more information available on the plans and timetable for the renovation.

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